International Day Of Happiness?

International Day of Happiness is on a Monday? That is a bit ironic, isn’t it?

For an odd reason I managed to wake up at 7 am today, which is not my usual time of leaving my comfort zone a.k.a. bed. I had lessons at 8 am and I wasn’t bothered much by the fact I will probably miss first two.

Due to my 0% of self-confidence, leaving the house without any makeup on is a BIG no. If that ever happens, you know world is going to end.

As I usually am grumpy person, and barely ever smile in the morning, it was a shocker I had a smile for the whole day. Maybe the International Day really is a thing, or I am just feeling happy finally?

Yesterday, I found out I was going to London in May. And that is the best news I heard in a while. Well, since I got back from London. I like UK, I like the shitty weather everybody complains about. It’s really my cup of tea.

Or is it maybe that I will finally meet up with this guy I’ve been chatting with since I got back from London in November of 2016.

Mike really is something special.

I should be flying to London in exactly 2 months from now. And I can already taste Nandos’ and the good old traditional British fish and chips.

Just to cut this short, my day has been good. Maybe people should be calling every single day an International Day of Happiness because it obviously has a positive impact on people as it did on me.

March 20th 2017, you’ve been good. Bye.


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